Wednesday, November 10, 2010

YemenWatch: Wednesday November 10, 2010

The French Ambassador met with the Minister of Transportation, to let everyone know that France-Yemen flights will not be affected by the AQAP parcel bombs.

Egypt and Qatar offered support for Yemen's "unity and stability."

Eighty-nine Yemenis are still at Guantanamo Bay, and since the parcel bombs, who knows when they may ever be released.

The journalist on trial for allegedly supporting AQAP has had his trial adjourned, again, for an unknown period of time.


The Djibouti Code of Conduct meeting finished today.  I'm really not sure if anything concrete came out of it.

The GCC formed a commission to inspect the sports facilities in Yemen, ahead of the Gulf Cup which should be held there soon.  Security is being inspected, and as of now, the event is still on.

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