Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YemenWatch: Tuesday November 2, 2010: Part 2

The latest news says that AQAP caused the oil pipeline explosion.  According to the article, the pipeline is owned by the Korea National Oil Corp (KNOC).  Now, if you've been following YemenWatch on this blog, you may remember that some of the tribes were upset with a South Korean oil company (Oct 27 and Oct 29).  And yes, it is the same oil company, KNOC.  I haven't seen any articles about the resolution of that problem.  While it would not surprise me to see that AQAP had bombed the pipeline, it could just as easily be a tribal affair.

The Yemeni military is searching Maarib and Shabwa provinces, looking for Ibrahim Al-Asiri, the possible bomb maker.

President Obama and President Saleh spoke today about recent events.


I don't know if this is related or not.  According to the Yemen News Agency, a bomb was found at the German Chancellor's office (in Germany), and was sent via UPS.

Also, a Syrian cargo ship caught fire off the coast of Yemen.

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