Tuesday, November 30, 2010

YemenWatch: Tuesday November 30, 2010

An AQAP attack wounded 2 soldiers in Abyan province (southern Yemen).

A Saudi doctor, traveling in northern Yemen, was kidnapped and then releasedHis family was also released.  He was kidnapped to pressure the government into releasing some prisoners allegedly linked to AQAP.

Some families in the Houthi areas of northern Yemen have fled to Saudi Arabia to escape the fighting.

I you would like more information about the AQAP magazine Inspire, and the article they wrote about the parcel bombs, the Yemen Times has an article about it.


Yemen wants to expand its ties with Russia.  The relationship has been fairly good, which makes sense since there used to be a North Yemen and a South Yemen (socialist).

President Saleh agreed to an opposition party's proposal that the election commission be formed from judges, instead of the usual method (appointed?, elected?).  This way there are no political parties on the commission.

A lot of Yemenis don't have health insurance or access to health care facilities.  Homelessness is also increasing.

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