Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gitmo Book Banned?

An Australian man who was kept at Guantanamo Bay for years has written a book about his experiences.  But don't plan on reading it if you live in America.  Truthout has an interview with the author, and FireDogLake has some commentary about it.  I'll admit to not keeping on top of the Gitmo events here at The Ali Gator blog, so I don't remember much about the situation with this prisoner.  But, whether you believe him or not, I find it disturbing that his freaking book is NOT sold in America.  If you search on there is a Kindle edition, which is not available for download if you live in the United States.  I can't even get the book to pop up on my little Amazon widget that lets me add books to my blog posts.  So much for Free Speech in the United States. 

The book is called Guantanamo: My Journey by David Hicks.  It is available from Random House Australia.

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