Friday, February 18, 2011

Protests Protests Protests! Update I

Yahoo!'s Mideast protests at a glance.

Bahrain is in a world of hurt.  More protesters were attacked and injured, overwhelming the hospital.  So far, over 200 people have been injured and President Obama has been speaking to the Bahraini king.  The king has appointed the Crown Prince as a kind of mediator with the protesters, and he has issued his own statement.  There was also a pro-government rally.

Protests in Libya are getting very bloody with over 40 protesters dead, and there are reports that 2 policemen were hung.

Protests in Yemen are on their 9th straight day, and 4 more people are dead.  Journalists are also being attacked.  Protesters in Ta'iz were attacked with a grenade.

Jordanians have been protesting for 7 days straight.  The 2,000 protesters were followed by some pro-government supporters.

Egyptians held a celebration protest.  It's been a week since Mubarak left.

Oman is generally considered the safest country in the Middle East.  When I visited, I found the Omanis very polite and nice.  So it makes sense that when they held a protest today, it was a polite one.  Really.  Read the article.

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