Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday February 1, 2011

Abdul Elah Haidar, journalist and AQAP expert, received a presidential release order, after being detained since August.  Hopefully he will actually be released this week.

Another suspected AQAP member was sentenced to jail time.

Tribal fighting in Abyan province.

President Saleh has called a meeting of Parliament and the Shura councils for Wednesday.  The JMP plans to boycott the meeting and is planning rallies for Thursday.  The government is preparing for them by reinforcing security forces.

Students in Sana'a are still protesting against Saleh, who is making concessions hoping to stop the protests.

A Yemeni man, possibly a US citizen, was killed by policemen over the weekend.

Journalists are still being harassed and detained in Yemen.

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