Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick News Roundup

There's so much happening in Egypt, and also in Yemen, that I've been remiss in my postings.  Here's a quick recap of some recent events.

Public protests have been banned in Algeria since sometime in the 1990s.  The president just announced that protests will now be allowed, except in the capital of Algiers.  The opposition party has planned a protest for next week, and that would be in Algiers.

A supposed UAE spy-ring has been uncovered in Oman, and some Omanis have been arrested.  The UAE says it is not spying on Oman.  The spy-ring may be interested in the Omani succession or in Oman-Iran relations.

There are protests going on in Palestine both for and against Mubarak.  In general, Fatah supports Mubarak (and vice versa) and Hamas is against him.

Syria's Day of Rage fizzled out.  The government has more control over things there.

On Sunday, trial starts in Iran for the 3 American hikers accused of being spies.

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