Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday February 15, 2011

Yemen has its own Tahrir Square, in Sana'a and in Ta'iz province.  Protests took place in both cities.  Protesters have been attacked (more) and arrested in Ta'iz, Sana'a, Aden and Hudaidah.  In Ta'iz, protests are in their 5th day.  Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are both concerned with the attacks on protesters.

The JMP is officially back in dialogue with the government and has condemned the government's actions against the protesters.  And an MP from the ruling GPC party resigned, partly citing attacks on protesters.

Four Yemenis are on trial for supporting the Houthis and spying for Iran.

The US is pretty concerned over Yemen, especially in regards to AQAP, so it will spend $75 million to help Yemen in counter terror efforts including increasing the size of the counter terror unit.

See the Yemen Times expose on AQAP.

The government is denying reports on the death of an AQAP leader, Al-Shihri, in Abyan last week,

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate is upset with President Obama because he wants journalist Abdul Elah Haidar kept in jail.

Al-Awlaki released another audio message, condemning the Yemeni government for working with the US.

It looks like the Houthis may have officially declared a rebellion now.

In 2010, 119 people were kidnapped in Yemen.  The government is still hunting down some of the kidnappers.

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