Friday, February 4, 2011

YemenWatch: Friday Februrary 4, 2011

Last year the deputy director of the Yemeni political security service in Sada'a province was kidnapped.  AQAP now says they have executed him.

The army shelled the town of Radfan, in Lahj province, on Wednesday, injuring 3 people.  This is in relation to the southern separatist movement.

A Sudanese man in California sent chemical suits and body armor to Yemen.  He was tried and found not guilty, while another man was found guilty.  It's a felony to do that without government permission.

Protests in the south to free detainees.  Another protest in Hadramowt with injuries.  And another protest by the JMP ended with almost 2 dozen arrested.  The GPC held their own pro-Saleh rally in Sana'a, with about 10,000 people, while the JMP held a rival protest.  Even kids are out there holding signs.  More on those protests.  Saleh is now saying he won't run for re-election in 2013 and he thanked the Yemen people who aren't protesting.  President Obama is urging Saleh to follow through on what he has said he'll do.  Here's an analysis of the situation.

Saleh called the Emir of Qatar, trying to get him to stop Al-Jazeera in Yemen.

The missing little Jewish boy is home.  Not entirely sure what the real situation was.

The Central Bank of Yemen will soon issue a sukuk - a state bond that still respects Islamic laws.  Apparently this will help Islamic banks in Yemen to invest their money in Yemen.

Over the weekend, a business owner was fined for having a sale without telling the Ministry of Industry and Trade.  He also had to pay a bribe to the soldiers who notified him of the transgression.

The group Anonymous has been attacking Saleh's website.

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