Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protests Protests Protests!

Things are heating up across the Middle East, and the latest is in Bahrain.  Protesters are trying to take over the main square, just like the Egyptians did.  Two people have already died in these protests.  Funerals were held Tuesday and sparked even more protests.  Several policemen have been arrested for the deaths.  These protests are continuing today.

Protests in Jordan have included Bedouin, who want their land back.  And the government recently decided to allow protests or rallies without government permission.

In Saudi Arabia some activists are trying to form a political party.

Protests have started in Libya as well, and several activists have been arrested.  Protesters are calling for their own Day of Anger and numerous people have been injured.  More on the protests.

Activists have called for protests in Syria.  One of them was arrested and just released.  And a female teen-aged blogger in Syria, held for over a year, has been convicted of spying for the US.

What's also interesting is what isn't mentioned online.  For instance, the Gulf Times in Qatar has articles on Egypt, Tunisia, and even Yemen, but nothing about Bahrain.  Whereas the Gulf Daily News in Bahrain does cover some of the protests.  So does the Kuwait Times.

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