Thursday, February 10, 2011

YemenWatch: Tuesday February 9, 2011

What appears to have been a US spy drone crashed in Abyan province, where the wreckage was picked up by AQAP.  Or it wasn't.  Don't believe rumors.  This is one of the problems in Yemen.  Of course, if someone from the government is denying it, that makes me think it's probably true.

Several people were killed during a Houthi-tribesmen fight in Sa'ada province.

The southern separatist movement is calling for their own Day of Rage on Friday, prompting the military to send more troops to Aden.

Yemen is now trying southern leader Shalal Ali Shia in absentia in Aden.

Another Somali pirate was given a 5 year prison sentence.

Some protesters were arrested at Sana'a University, but were later released (long article about some of the men protesting).  There were also protests in Ta'iz province.

According to the prime minister, "Yemen is a democratic country" and "is not Tunisia or Egypt."

Yemen LNG is building a new LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) storage facility in Mareb province.

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