Monday, December 13, 2010

Bombing Iran? Again - Really?

Wow.  I was hoping this had gone away, but the Republicans will be back in control of Congress starting in January.  You my remember my posts from June about the US or Israel possibly bombing Iran (Bombing Iran? and Bombing Iran?  Again).  Well, the Washington Post has an article explaining why we need to change our Iran policy (h/t @abuaardvark).  Luckily another article points out the fallacies:  What's Farsi For 'Cakewalk'?

I really hope no one is taking the idea of bombing Iran seriously.  Bombing a country is not something to do lightly - it is an ACT OF WAR.  Iran is NOT Iraq or Afghanistan.  Afghanistan was run by the fanatic Taliban and had no real air force.  Iraq was already on its knees from the embargoes.  Iran is neither of those.  Iran has a large population, a large military, an air force and navy, and long range missiles.  I would be concerned about Iran bombing Israel in response to any attack.  And any notion that dissident Iranians would welcome us helping to oust Ahmadinejad by force is ludicrous!  Think about it - think of the worst ruler your country has ever had in your lifetime.  If an outsider attacked, would you welcome them with open arms, or would you fight to protect your country?

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