Wednesday, December 15, 2010

YemenWatch: Tuesday December 14, 2010

Two soldiers were injured when gunmen attacked a checkpoint in Shabwa. 

A high-ranking police officer was killed (tribal attack) in Abyan, while another escaped a bombing attempt.  The Yemen Observer calls the policeman who escaped an "intelligence director" and says it may be related to an AQAP assassination list of policemen.

There was a gunfight between Houthis and tribesmen, and "Houthi followers" killed 8 people in Sa'dah.

The Houthi Group says that Houthi prisoners in jails are being tortured.  It looks like things may be heating up again between the Houthis and the government.  There seem to be more incidents being reported in the papers.

More WikiLeaks material says that the US helped Saudi Arabia fight the Houthis by giving the Kingdom intelligence and even weapons.  Which may explain why the Houthis thought some of the AQAP bombings were actually caused by the US.

An interesting editorial on the whole Houthi-AQAP-US situation in Yemen.

HOOD (Yemen human rights organization) wants an investigation into the detention of 5 Cameroonians.  They were detained in 1995, never tried, and one of them died shortly after incarceration.  The remaining 4 were just deported.

The Yemen Polling Center did a survey about elections and reform and will discuss the results today and tomorrow. 

The former president of Yemen, Ali Nasser Mohammed, wants those accused of crimes in WikiLeaks material to be prosecuted.  Especially for the innocent civilians who died in air strikes (I'm assuming he means the US air strikes that Saleh said were carried out by the Yemeni air force).

The Joint Meeting Party held a protest in front of Parliament yesterday.  They are very concerned that they're being shut out of the election process.  The protest was met by riot police and the Socialist Party accused them of hitting women involved in the protest.

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