Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Palestinian State Recognized

Last week Brazil recognized Palestine as a state, and this week Argentina did too.  Apparently Uruguay will do the same next month.  These countries are recognizing Palestine in the 1967 borders, which were then conquered by Israel, even though under international law it is illegal to gain territory that way.  As you can imagine, Israel is rather ticked off with all the recognitions and claims it is hurting the peace process.  I really don't see how.  If anything is hurting the peace process it is settler Israelis building homes and towns on land that is supposed to belong to the Palestinians.  Add to that the US deciding to stop pressuring Israel for an extended moratorium on West Bank construction.  But somehow it is never Israel's fault if the peace doesn't work.

Oh, and it gets even better.  Dozens of Israeli rabbis are supporting a religious ruling that would prevent Jews from selling or even renting homes to non-Jews (Gentiles).  Even Netanyahu has spoken out against it.  I'm all for freedom of religion, but not when it discriminates against people of other religions.

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