Thursday, December 9, 2010

YemenWatch: Thursday December 9, 2010

A bomb exploded in Sana'a, at a qat market.  Thirteen people were injured.  There's no word yet on who is responsible.

An explosive device and drugs were found in a woman's purse in Sana'a, and TNT was found in her car.

I don't know what's going on in Sana'a lately, but if you are in Yemen, please be careful.  It's always a bad sign when bombings move to the capital city.

The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) held protests in Taiz province.  Parliamentary elections are set for 2011, but the JMP is saying those elections are illegal.  This whole thing is a mess, and I'm not sure I completely understand what is going on.  It sounds like the political parties are all fighting and were hoping to have dialogues and then the election in 2011, but the dialogues are not going well.

Yemen is getting 4 Huey II helicopters in January for military support.

The Specialized Criminal Court sentenced 3 suspected AQAP members to jail in the Hadramout.

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