Thursday, December 16, 2010

YemenWatch: Thursday December 16, 2010

Someone put an explosive device in the back of a vehicle belonging to 4 Americans who work at the embassy.  It's still a bit unclear.  Some reports said it was a grenade, some say a bomb (see my earlier post).  A Jordanian man was arrested, but may not be involved.  And the Yemeni government is saying that AQAP is not involved but some newspapers say it is AQAP.

Two soldiers died in a clash with armed men at a weapons market in Lahj province.  A third man also died, and may have been on a wanted list.  The article is a bit unclear.

A leader of the Joint Meeting Parties was attacked in Sana'a.  The JMP says the ruling party is responsible. 

A sit-in was held by families who have relatives in jail.  I believe they are in jail because of the Houthi rebellion.  They held the sit-in to protest torture and because they can't get in to see their relatives.

Nine people in Yemen came down with H1N1 flu in early November, and 4 of them have died.  The hospital said they were told to keep it quiet since this was just before the Gulf Cup.

The National Dialogue Preparatory Committee met the Houthi Group today and they agreed to form a joint commission for national issues.

The US Congress is sending a delegation to Yemen.  I'm guessing this will be early next year once the new congress takes over.

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