Thursday, December 2, 2010

YemenWatch: Thursday December 2, 2010

According to the Yemen News Agency, the Vice-president of Yemen is quoted as saying:
cooperation with America in the fight against terrorism is limited to providing "logistical and technical support"
Even though WikiLeaks says otherwise, but Yemen has accused WikiLeaks of lying.

The 7th Annual Regional Security Summit started today in Bahrain, and Yemen is taking part.


Elections in Yemen are still set for April 2011, although the ruling party and the opposition party are still at odds over many issues.

The World Bank is financing programs at 8 Yemeni universities to help improve the quality of education.

Yemen started a big tourism campaign yesterday in Doha, Qatar.  They also accused the media of distorting events in Yemen to make it appear less safe than it really is.

Several dozen Houthis were arrested on the Day of Al-Ghadeer, which led to a sit-in for their release today in Amran province.  They claim the arrests were illegal.

The Yemen Observer has what looks like interesting articles on the Yemen Special Olympics Team and an international conference on medical education, but I'm getting errors messages when I click on them.

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