Sunday, December 19, 2010

YemenWatch: Sunday December 19, 2010

You've probably already heard this by now, but yes, the 4 Americans who were attacked do work for the CIA.

An Army major was kidnapped in Lahj province.  There's been a lot of unrest there lately, with the southern separatists holding protests, so the military has moved in more forces.  The separatists are asking for prisoners to be released in exchange for the major.

Sheikh Salman al-Ouadah of Saudi Arabia is the head of IslamToday.  In a TV appearance, he asked Anwar al-Awlaki to take a good look at what he is doing and stop killing people.

In the north, families of prisoners from the Houthi mess held a hunger strike at a prison in Sana'a.

More election mess.  The JMP is still threatening to boycott the elections in April, which they say are rigged in favor of the GPC.  This sounds almost Egyptian.  President Saleh appointed 9 judges to the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum, which only the GPC voted for and chose.  More on the GPC point of view.

Russia and Yemen want to "strengthen there historic relationship."  South Yemen was socialist until reuniting with North Yemen in 1990.

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