Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Women's News December 15, 2010

A Saudi woman has made the short list for the Arabic Booker Prize.  Her name is Raja' 'Alim and her nominated book is a novel titled Collar of the Pigeons.

There is a move to get more women into parliament in Yemen.  A workshop called "Women and the Next Parliament in 2011" is being held in several parts of the country.

Another workshop was held for imams in the Hadramawt area of Yemen.  It was a UN workshop focusing on gender and economic empowerment.  The imams appear to have liked the workshop and want more in the future.

An article on wearing the veil in Yemen.  Female judges are now required to unveil during work hours.  A similar measure for parliament met with resistance and claims that it infringed on a woman's rights.

A woman in Georgia is suing because when she went to a court hearing, the courthouse tried to force her to remove her hijab.  They stopped her at the metal detector, and when she tried to leave she was taken before a judge, charged with contempt of court, and had to remove her hijab for the booking process.  The law was later changed in 2009 to allow religious or medical headgear.  I would like to point out that this whole thing was about the hijab - that's a headscarf, not a full facial veil like the niqab.

I will say again, I am for a woman's rights.  And that includes her right to wear a hijab or niqab or whatever she wants.  As long as it is her choice.  I do not believe in forcing a woman to veil, as Saudi Arabia does.  But if a woman in America wants to wear a headscarf, how can we condemn her?  This nation is supposedly founded on freedom.  That does not mean freedom, except for those things you disagree with.  It means liberty and justice for all.

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